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Parking lots and structures Security Guards

 Presences of a security guard makes any criminal think twice before breaking into cars, vandalizing them or commit any other crimes. If the customers do not feel safe, they will conduct their business elsewhere with adequate security. Grow your business and retain your existing customers by employing our parking lots and structures security guards. We assure your comfort with more benefits at no extra cost.

Best Parking Lots and Structures Security Guard Service

  • Standing guards and/or patrols
  • Issuance of parking passes
  • Enforcement of parking policies
  • Issuance of warnings and tow citations
  • Tracking deliveries
  • Facilitate vehicle towing
  • After hour escorts
  • 24-hour alarm/emergency response
  • Customer service
  • Lock up and alarm
  • Fire watch
  • Traffic direction
  • Daily activity reports
  • Lobby ambassador
  • Incident reports
  • Trespassing and loitering deterrence
  • Theft, vandalism, and crime deterrence
  • Confrontation mitigation