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Access Control

D.N. Security access control systems start with card access for employees. When high security is needed, biometric authentication involving hand, finger, facial, or eye recognition can be added.  As well as, security cameras, and alarms.

  • D.N. Security access control and security management systems:
  • Provide secure access to a facility and a safer work environment
  • Manage people more effectively and increase operational efficiency.
  • Restrict access to sensitive or controlled areas within a facility.
  • Reduce theft of assets and deter violence and vandalism.
  • Lock and unlock doors according to pre-set parameters.
  • Provide access system audit reports.
  • Provide photo identification of employees.
  • Manage and track visitors to a facility.
  • Reduce security manpower costs.
  • Administer and control access to multiple facilities remotely through one interface.

Avoid expensive re-keying when employees leave or when keys are lost, copied, or provided to unauthorized persons.